National Capitol Strategy Group Services

Strategic Planning & Management Consulting


At National Capitol Strategy Group, our focus is delivering outstanding results through focused, in-depth research, process framework excellence, and consistent, reliable implementation. By understanding our client's pain points, NCSG delivers insightful strategies and practical implementation plans to take your organization to the next level.

NCSG will identify processes and resource commitments that fall outside your mission, strategy, or business scope that create a drag on your efficiency and profitability.
NCSG will evaluate your process maturity and help you reach the next stage of the ITIL, CMMI, or ISO process maturity model.
NCSG will perform internal and market research to identify critical threats and reveal untapped market opportunities.
NCSG will perform analysis and develop action plans to identify and remediate gaps between your ideal state and current operational state.
NCSG will perform an analysis of alternatives to help you make sure your organization is growing using the right tools and making the best acquisitions.
NCSG will perform investment reviews, and support program and project management to make sure you are getting the best results from your resources.
NCSG will perform detailed data analysis and create meaningful data visualizations and interactive information dashboards.
NCSG will develop custom, data-driven software applications tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Fundraising & Campaign Outreach

At National Capitol Strategy Group, we can provide you with quality Campaign consultation personalized for your unique needs.

NCSG will work with the you to design and implement fundraising strategies.
NCSG will recruit and train operatives for various positions in your campaign. We can supply a campaign manager, field director, paid canvassers, and other field positions.
NCSG will formulate field operations and GOTV efforts as necessary for your campaign success.
NCSG will work with you to craft messaging for targeted constituencies.
NCSG will recruit and train field staff to run paid canvassing operations based on your budget.
NCSG will assist you in completing questionnaires and help prepare you for media appearances.
NCSG will aid you in procuring endorsements of constituency groups and labor unions whose endorsements can be critical to the success of a political campaign.

NCSG will work with you every step of the way to make sure your organization is performing at its highest potential and eliminate the roadblocks that are hindering your success!